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About Us

Christina Yacoub, has been working with at-risk youth for over fifteen years in a wide range of different positions. One of the most significant positions was as a Youth Employment Coach facilitating workshops throughout the Peel and Catholic District School Board, doing youth outreach in the community and resume development. She has also created youth employment programs in various positions as there was such a need to educate youth on resume development and job skills.  Christina has now been inspired to create a program that will empower youth for the workforce and help them to identify the transferable skills that they can offer. Take a look at our programs and email or call us today to reserve a spot! Getjobready is a mobile and virtual program! We come to you  through web conference on your phone or computer.

Getjobready is an employment program that helps youth get ready for the workforce! In my experience youth have a difficult time understanding what they have accomplished and put it to paper. In particular the students who have not worked yet. They need assistance to identify what skills they have and how to promote themselves to employers. Youth can participate in resume or interview workshops as well as develop a functional resume with a youth employment coach.

Youth will be given instruction on how to identify their transferable skills from volunteer hours or life experience and will leave confident in what they can bring into the workforce.  Youth can also get ready for their upcoming job interview by learning about interview etiquette and questions as well as participating in a mock interview. Workshops can be done in your business as well as the individual resume and interview time with youth.  Click here to check out our programs and fees.


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